Well I stumpled upon this very Dj Screwed’ish production at the final hours of Sunday, and it really suited my state of mind, so I gave it a couple of spins.

I really dig the way Trill Chef is tearing the track apart with beatmasher, in my mind it gives the tune that extra twist we need, since we aren’t all sedated by the purple drank.



Well, most of ya wouldn’t now that Skrillex just dropped a superexclusive track on Soundcloud, a track that doesen’t even carry his nametag.
But you know we always stick up for eachother here on #Urbanizer, so check out the link below this post…. But, shhhhhhhh, since it is so effing exclusive, keep it down right 😉


This young Danish dude really caught my attension, the downtempo ambient soundscapes he creates really reminds me of the genius EDM composer Trentemøller’s 2006 album “Last Resort”.

Although he’s only 18 years old, he’s been producing for quite a while, running in many different directions. But in my mind his ambient loungy chiller tunes really stands out.

He’s performing @ Distortion Dark in Copenhagen 25/2-2013, if your anywhere near, do yourself a favor and check him out.

Listen to his goosebump generating tune on the link below.

Teenage Phenomenon

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Belive it or not, this dude is only 16 years old !!
Alex Young is making a solid mark on the Trap scene ATM, gaining support from some of the absolute heavyweighters of the urban bass scene.

For the gearheads out there I can inform you that he’s producing in FL Studio (Yes, it can be done proper) But he’s in the progress of making the switch to the new Ableton Live 9.

He’s currently touring nightclubs playing shows he’s not even allowed to enter (that pretty ironic huh).
Just recently Diplo spinned he’s SBTRKT – Wildfire Remix, and when Diplo spins your shit, we all know you’ve kinda made it.
Check out the tune, and the rest of his Soundcloud channel, kid got skillz!.


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Soundcloud crate containing the latest [Screwd] pick’s, spin it, enjoy and roll up a phatty.

UZ Euro Tour

The mysterious trap dj phenomenon UZ, is finally touring Europe.
The Mad Decent supported producer/Dj will be bringing a sweat dripping 808 showcase to the European clubs.

So grab your shades, and roll up a big one, shit’s going down.

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I’m bringing ya’ll the legendary Dnb Dj Noianiz, inna gritty’n all vinyl jungle mix.
He’s known for his longe relentless Dj sessions, sessions that leaves the crowd covered in all kinds of nasty bodyfluids.

Nis just completed his studys at DIEM (Denmark’s National Center of Electronic Music), where he changed his focus to the more mellow and Electronica minded spectre’s of the EDM scene.

I for one personally hope, that he will get back on his previous track once again, and bring all of us some phat, bad and dirty bass music.

To be continued